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Home Of The Quadri-Moto-Xross (QMX)
The QMX offers body and mind wellness while providing a sporting activity. The unique design was created for individuals of all abilities and all skill levels. 
From beginners to experts, everyone enjoys the freedom riding a QMX brings.
Hanging with the Mayor
The Mayor of Cape Canaveral Rocky Randels stopped by our booth at the “Movin in the City” event. The event was an 80s themed wellness and mobility event to kick off the City’s participation in 2018 Health First Mayor’s Fitness Challenge.
Safety First!
As part of the City’s green mobility initiative, guests were encouraged to walk or bike to the event. Those that rode bicycles took advantage of the free bike valet at the Nancy Hanson Recreation Complex and were able to participate in the the guided community bike ride with Cycle QMX leading the pack for a course in traffic hand signal safety.
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Mobility Enhancement
Recreational outings are essential for social interaction and for individuals with disabilities having the opportunity to pursue common interests with their peers is essential for physical and mental wellness. We are committed to creating and expanding recreational opportunities to everyone.