Cycle QMX started in late 2016, however, the QMX was originally developed in 2001 as senior level engineering project. The engineering project won first place at the 2005 California State Fair for Best of Show in Industrial Technology Tech. That engineering student went on to become a senior level aerospace engineer. After 15 years in the aerospace engineering field and thousands of hours in the garage tinkering on the QMX constantly making improvements to prolong its durability and aptitude for urban and mountain terrain it's finally ready for production.  With strategic partners in place Cycle QMX was born. Now we are able to bring you a fully developed, production ready QMX Urban Assault.

Thank you for becoming a part of our story, we look forward to hearing your story of how the QMX set you free.
The QMX is the perfect marriage of man and machine
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89.5% of the individuals felt that their adaptive sports experience had either a very positive or positive influence on feeling empowered in their life. One fifth of the global population as some disability that requires them to use adaptive equipment, and Cycle QMX is here to provide a cost-effective solution
In today's population, there are a growing number of people that rely on electric scooters and related equipment to remain mobile in everyday life; however, all of that equipment stops at the pavement. We go beyond the edge of urban terrain and we encourage individuals to be adventurous.


​   - "In our culture, when someone suffers from an injury, so much focus is directed towards physical recover that mental recovery often falls to the wayside. For myself, I was in a motorcycle accident in early 2016 because the other driver decided to run the red light. As a result, I lost parts of my foot and destroyed the integrity of my knee. It's easy to fall deep into the hole of your own mental confines when you're left with your own company in a bed for a whole year, but what the Urban Assault QMX gives you is the that feeling of freedom when it's you and the road. It lets the bird fly free out of its cage providing smiles for all that are in its presence. For some this may be a luxury, but for others this is an absolute necessity." -Chris M

 - "The QMX was a very smooth ride, very fun and enjoyable. The seat was very comfortable and made you feel secure and stable. I loved how fast we could go and it didn't seem like we would fall or flip over while turning. I definitely want to get one for myself! " -Rachel C.
 -  "I want one of these when I turn 10!" - Aiden H. ​​
- " What a sweet ride!  Full suspension, posi in the rear!?  Really stoked on the design, this thing is epic​." -Chris C.
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